Monday, May 28, 2007

Salmon River Canyon, Oregon 5/27/07

*Known as the Mt. Everest of Oregon Kayaking.
*Also called the Most Technical and Committing Box Canyon in Oregon.

Trying to stay on the right road to the put in.

Getting there is always a challenge.

At the end of the trail, getting ready to drop into the canyon.

Split Falls, put in drop.
Photo Keel Brightman

Chris Korbulic on Split Falls.
Photo Keel Brightman

This one always turns out to be an epic day! A couple things changed this year. The foot bridge that crossed the Salmon on the hike in from Linney Creek is gone and there is some new wood in the canyon. There are a couple vertical logs in the gorge below Vanishing Falls, not really a problem uless you decide to run the falls, but Keel and Chris make it look good. Also one log above Frustration the required some tricky boat work to make it over to the right to scout. Tricky meaning, If you miss the move you're running Frustration blind!
*all photos from here down by Keel Brightman

Chris Korbulic in the gorge below Vanishing Falls.

same drop from the side.

Chris Gabrielli in Vanishing gorge.

Jay Gifford in Vanishing gorge.

Jay paddling out of the room at Frustration Falls.

On the outside looking in.

E.J. Etherington, mid-jump. Chris and Jeff below Frustration.
*this jump is not recommended, it's shallow!

Jay Gifford on the 20 footer above Final Falls, Frustration Falls in the background.

Chris Gabrielli on the falls above Final.

E.J. Etherington same drop.

Jeff Hazboun same drop.

The crew above Final Falls.

We had a rope for the rappel at Final Falls, but there were other options that the crew explored. Keel and Jeff jumped off the top and into the pool and Chris Korbulic decided to fire up the main line, just left of the flake in the center of the falls. He over rotated just a little, tossed the paddle and tucked up tight. That was right up there with the sickest lines I've seen. Final Falls is really big and hard to line up. We paddled out and made it before dark.

E.J. and Jay on the edge of Final Falls.

Check out this short video from the trip

Some runs don't live up to their hype, this one exceeds everything you've heard about it!
Keep checking for more on Final Falls and check Team Swain and This River Life for more photos.


Jason Aytes said...

Awe, what an epic day! Nice blog and photos. Did you get any shots of the kayaker firing off the eighty footer?

Ryan Scott said...

thanks, Epic day!
You'll have to check for an update on the eighty footer. Chris didn't wait at the top long and I didn't get a shot from where I was, he fell fast! but Chris did get a video shot on his camera and Lana got a great shot from above!